Donation Policy

The creation of art is my life’s work and I am always glad to support where I can.
To insure the integrity of my art and to receive the highest bids for my art, my policy for donations is as follows:

1. A minimum bid will be set for the art work.

2. I will receive the minimum bid.

3. The amount over the minimum bid will be split ( 50/ 50) between me and your organization.

4. Pick up (or shipping) and timely return of unsold art work is your organizations responsibility.

5. Any art work that does not get my minimum bid will be returned to me.

6. Payment for sold art work will be made to me within thirty days of your event.

If you would like to accept a donation under these terms please click here to email me or call (520) 344-7885 for an appointment to talk about your donation.